Q: If by chance Melfe's doesn't have my boot and it needs to be ordered, can Melfe's ship my boots/shoes to my house if I live out of town?

A: Yes. Even if you live in town and can't make it in to get your order, Melfe's will happily ship your boots/shoes to your house with no extra charge.

Q: Is there anything to help prevent scrapes, scuffs, and wear n' tear on the tips of my boot?

A: Yes. Melfe's Shoes carries Red Wing boot bumpers , or KG Boot Guard, both are a service Melfe's provides. Ask or call for details. 

Q: What is the best boot Melfe's sells?

A: The best boot that Melfe's sells is the boot that fits correctly and comfortably on your foot. With feet being so different, it's hard to pick just one.

Here at Melfe's Shoes, we see a lot of feet AND we get asked some questions......

Frequently Asked Questions