Here at Melfe's Shoes, we see a lot of feet AND we get asked some questions......

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If by chance Melfe's doesn't have my boot and it needs to be ordered, can Melfe's ship my boots/shoes to my house if I live out of town?

A: Yes. Even if you live in town and can't make it in to get your order, Melfe's will happily ship your boots/shoes to your house with no extra charge.

Q: What is the best boot Melfe's sells?

A: The best boot that Melfe's sells is the boot that fits correctly and comfortably on your foot. With feet being so different, it's hard to pick just one.

Q: Is there anything to help prevent scrapes, scuffs, and wear n' tear on the tips of my boot?

A: Yes. Melfe's Shoes carries Red Wing boot bumpers , or KG Boot Guard, both are a service Melfe's provides. Ask or call for details.